Eurekar Reviews the Great Wall Steed

Eurekar Reviews the Great Wall Steed

The Steed, revamped for 2015, offers the cheapest pick-up vehicle on the market in the UK, with plenty on offer for a bargain basement £14,998 as a commercial vehicle on the road price (CVOTR). It also comes with a six-year, 125,000 mile warranty reasonable and running costs. It must be half-decent, a million have been sold worldwide.

Despite being a pickup workhorse, it does not lack in the looks area...It looks upmarket with stylish paintwork, high set headlamps, a deep grille and airscoop, with driving lights built into the bumpers giving it an individual look. The double cab offers comfortable seating for five, so the vehicle can double as a family vehicle, albeit a big one, as well as the workhorse.

You would think with a bargain basement price, it would be bargain basement quality, but the big vehicle proved surprisingly well put together, generously equipped and performed very well. The cabin is well laid out, if looking more dated than the exterior, with leather finish and logically placed buttons, dials and stalks.

A long, 100-mile drive proved surprisingly pleasant given the hard suspension.

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