Great Wall Dealership HRM Motorcars Reveal All

Great Wall Dealership HRM Motorcars Reveal All

We caught up with our newly appointed Great Wall dealership, HRM Motorcars, to see how they’ve been getting on with our noble Steed since their showroom opened earlier this year…

Which of the Steed’s fantastic features reel in potential buyers?

HRM Motorcars revealed that they have found the Steed’s reliable 6-year warranty, great standard features such as heated leather seats, fantastic fuel economy, the Steed’s handsome good looks, as well as the excellent value for money, to be the Steed’s most attractive traits to customers.

What are HRM Motorcars fascinating, perhaps out-of-the-ordinary customer stories?

Our newly appointed Great Wall dealership were proud to divulge that they sold their very first Steed Tracker just one week after trading. They also sold a black Steed S to Barcham Trees of Ely, Europe’s largest tree specialist company, who hold a royal warrant for Her Majesty the Queen. This is replicated in their logo which is boldly printed on the Steed.

What type of Great Wall do customers usually opt for?

It was revealed that the Steed Tracker is the most popular model, as customers are drawn towards the generous price tag.

What are customers usually looking to use the Steed for?

Rebecca Ideson at HRM Motorcars disclosed, “I would say most of our customers are looking to use the vehicle mainly for work, but a good selling point is that when required the Steed can be versatile and used for the whole family.”

When customers step into the HRM Motorcars showroom, what type of vehicle are they searching for?

“When customers walk into the showroom they are very brand aware, so initially the look of the vehicle is very important, then the spec, fuel economy, warranty and of course the price,” revealed Rebecca.