Loyal Customer Lewis Smith Can’t get Enough of his Steed Tracker

Loyal Customer Lewis Smith Can’t get Enough of his Steed Tracker

Lewis Smith recently purchased a brand new brand new 2015 Great Wall Steed Tracker, in stylish Noble Grey. We asked him a few questions two months after picking up his Steed Tracker from M.T Cars in Whittlesey, and here’s why he chose the Tracker…

So, what made Lewis choose the Great Wall Steed Tracker?

Lewis and his partner chose the Great Wall Steed Tracker because they believed that the features of the Tracker were well suited to their lifestyle, “[we] liked the idea of the tow-bar and off-road tyres because we are planning on getting a touring caravan.”

How does Lewis use his Great Wall?

Lewis has already clocked up around 4,500-miles since he purchased his Steed just two months ago. Most of Lewis’s journeys have been to the coast, he informed us, “We take it everywhere because the fuel economy is good and it’s nice cruising on the motorway due to the 6-speed gearbox and comfortable ride.”

Lewis is embarking on a 2,000-mile road trip in his Steed to North East Spain next week with some friends. He plans on getting some thrilling footage of the Tracker in action with a GoPro camera that will be fitted to his friend’s car.

On a daily basis Lewis’s partner uses the truck for commuting and they both enjoy taking the dogs down to the river in the Tracker.

How does the Steed handle off-road?

Lewis has explored off the beaten track in his Steed a few times and was pleased with the pick-ups capability. He found that the truck had “plenty of ground clearance and the four-wheel-drive system worked a treat”.

What are Lewis’s favourite features of his pick-up?

Lewis revealed, “My favourite qualities of the truck are the fact that it’s unique and gets a lot of attention. I have given a lot of people test drives and they love it too!”