‘Wheels 2 Work’ Offers Trailer Training in a Steed SE

‘Wheels 2 Work’ Offers Trailer Training in a Steed SE

Chris Jones runs the Build-a-Future Training Centre in Horncastle, which specialises in educating young individuals who have been excluded from or cannot attend mainstream schools.

He also takes pride in running Wheels 2 Work (W2W), a motor scooter hire programme in Lincolnshire, helping young people living in the rural areas of Lincolnshire travel to work, training or college.

W2W also offers Trailer Training to youngsters, providing them with a skill that is lacking in the area. Therefore, Chris purchased a black Great Wall Steed SE in order to teach individuals how to tow a trailer.

Chris revealed that he chose the Steed due to its extremely competitive price and the 6 year/125,000 mile warranty, he commented: “the appeal of the very long warranty clinched it for me.”

He celebrated the Steed as the perfect vehicle for the training programme: “The speed remains slow and the clutch and gear ratios are excellent when teaching people reversing manoeuvres. There is excellent all round visibility and the side mirrors are large and well positioned.”

Chris purchased his Steed SE from Chandlers in Horncastle, he advertises them on the front doors of the vehicle with the hope that those who learn to tow in the truck will be impressed enough to buy one.

As business and demand grows at Wheels 2 Work, Chris hopes to purchase more Great Wall Steeds to help young individuals learn the depreciating skill of trailer towing.